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Miserly Traits

A similar incident was reported by a relative, who sneakily snipped off the greeny stalk and leaves of a cauliflower, on one occasion, and got away with it. The next time she was purchasing cauliflower at the grocers, he politely forewarned her not to tamper with the vegetable. Of course, these incidents become subjects of hilarious dinner-time anecdotes. However, in recent times, most of us can do well by pulling a page or two out of the miser’s user manual. Continue reading

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One year of the “weld-lock”

Sharing your time and space with someone is not an easy job, and after the first cup of coffee, you are supposed to take on the kitchen chores, single-handedly. Unless, you finally become hard-hearted enough to break the gender-mould and get the hubby to learn some basic chores. The first year is the best time when you can play on the newfound love, and find ways and means to train him to be handy around the kitchen, instead of reviving his romance with the television, after you both have had a long and hard day at work. Yes, you need to find little ways out of that lethargy, and also to make the hubby more useful, within the first year, else it may be too late to make him change! Remember, the love will cool down, the romance fizzle, but the chores that he learns in the first year will remain lifelong.
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I am addicted …

The child within me took over. I loved the little activities that you could involve yourself in and was taking quizzes after quizzes. My profile was getting filled with little boxes and I was getting all the more involved. I found lots of friends and I realized I had just arrived. When I read an article stating that Facebook was a Narcissists best love affair, I knew exactly what the study was talking about. Continue reading

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Feeling lighter, on the wings of a whim

It’s not my hubby’s fault; it’s got to do with his Sindhi genes and a generous amount of Gujju influence that words like Sale, Discount, Free Gift, Savings, and Combo-Pack have him hypnotically moving in the direction from which these words originated. So, when he suddenly got up in the middle of an afternoon siesta and started to go out, I wasn’t surprised at his response to my questioning look, that he was going for a free-health checkup at the local medical store. I sighed understandably; it was the Sindhi-Gujju combo-genes at work. Continue reading

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Hair Now, Gone Tomorrow

I pacify myself by thinking that it’s the weather – humidity makes one lose more hair! But come winter and I will blame the nip in the air, and the dryness of the scalp for further hair loss. Summers will be answerable for the oiliness and sweatiness that make the poor head want to get some air, and in turn get rid of the ultraviolet rays absorbing black sheen of hair. Whatever be the season, the extermination of the hair, MY HAIR, seems inevitable. Continue reading

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Transition: From girlfriend to wife

Apart from observing the drastic changes in girth as soon as girlfriend becomes wife, yesterday he had another revelation. Continue reading

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To have or not to have!

In an age of DINKs – Double Income No Kids, I am faced with the pertinent question – To have or not to have – kids (or a kid, to be precise). Seven months down blissful matrimony, a belated honeymoon, … Continue reading

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Bowled over …

I nearly had an anxiety attack when my male hairdresser was actually watching “run-out” while snipping away at my very precious fewer of the few hair. Continue reading

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Little pleasures that make life …

Getting up to the smell of rain hanging in the air and opening my eyes to an overclouded sky, I was as euphoric as a child, prodding hubby to get up and enjoy the morning drizzle. I quickly brewed up some coffee and hubby and I relaxed in the balcony after what seemed ages. More surprises in store! Continue reading

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Thunder-storm vs. Thunder-Snore

02:20 hrs: Boisterous thunder and impending showers wake me up. The day’s laundry is still hanging out in the balcony. I must retrieve the clothes and get them into the house before the downpour starts. 02:22 hrs: I am still … Continue reading

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