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STC India’s Newest Special Interest Group (SIG)

To begin with, I will be wracking my brains and squeezing the grey cells to write articles for the blog, INDUS, generating ideas for the LinkedIn discussion group and blogging on topics on editing and reviewing. There are ideas to be genrated and thoughts to be shared for the STC India Annual Conference to be held in December 2014, at Bangalore. Continue reading

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Tell me a story …

I write, and I edit, and I know that wonderful stories remain untold, unknown, unsought. Not because they are not worthy of being told, but because no one had the time and resources to listen to these stories, and to put them in just the right and format, so that the world could read them. Continue reading

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Social Media: A sociological perspective on a technological phenomenon

Social media is a powerhouse of ever flowing information, tinged with experiences and opinions of many users, across diverse stages of learning, maturity and understanding. A decade ago, when technical writing was struggling to find a stronghold in the Indian IT industry, the greatest impetus came from the use of online groups and mailing lists. Islands of information and individual aspirants conjoined at an online abode, where they shared details of jobs, tools, technical trainings, and challenges. In the absence of established courses and training institutes, most technical writers were learning the intricacies of the usage of authoring tools through chats, forums, and blogs. The online availability of industry-wide authoring standards and trends has helped technical writers to think and write from the perspective of global users, and also come of age, in terms of international competition. Continue reading

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The Origin and Emergence of Technical Documentation

The 20th century is the age of structured authoring and optimizing information reuse. Interactive media, content and learning management systems, authoring tools, and the need for diverse and multi-output documentation to support the upsurge in application development, as well in consumer-focused mechanizations, have given end-user based technical documentation a professional status. Continue reading

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“Making a Mark” as a Technical Editor/Reviewer

The planning, collaborating and analyzing responsibilities provide on-the-job training for a documentation manager’s role. It opens one’s perspective to challenges of good documentation, the need and pressure of working with various stakeholders within specified deadlines, collating and analyzing data to generate appropriate metrics, and most importantly, accountability for the quality of a deliverable. Continue reading

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Prayer in the time of recession

I accept with a gourmet’s delight the weird menu that is served day in and day out in my office cafetaria, even if it means chewing on the little stone in my rice, or having the lentil salad that reeks, or the custard that is yellow colored water. Continue reading

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Stereotyping ways of life

Why arent men questioned about their family obligations, or the number of depedants in their household, and then a formula drawn up to calculate how many leaves he will be taking, or how much he would be able to manage home-office stress! Continue reading

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Ways of the Web … Deciphering Web 2.0

Working in the IT industry is always fraught with the danger that there may be some new technology, new tool, and new terminology just around the corner, and you are the only one who is living in the “Dark Ages” … Continue reading

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The World’s got it “Write”

An interesting article on Get Ahead section caught my eye – Want a work-from-home job? As a working woman I have always been interested in keeping my eye open for opportunities that can help me earn my monthly visit … Continue reading

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Options Galore

It was July and the night was stormy. I had been immensely delayed in office and by the time I could wind up my work, it was nearly 10:30 PM. I did not want to wait for the office cab, … Continue reading

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