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Being me is a category that talks about “Me” – when I am musing on life’s mysteries that haunt my personal space and give unique colors to my life’s palette. Its me, not necessarily, at my best, but definitely deep in contemplation.

Preventing Perversion: A Review of The Bad Touch

Parents should read this book to see how such signs can manifest in the day-to-day life of their children and how these must be investigated. CSA can start with bullying, threatening, cajoling, and can cause young minds to be confused, scared and suspicious. Children like Amrita Purkayastha, may carry the scar in their soul and bear the pain in their chest but on the outside display a cheerful demeanor with A-grades in school. Even in such incidents, parents much always be on the lookout for tell-tale signs. Continue reading

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Proud to be a part of WE

I am privileged to be one of the writers whose words see the light of day in the first edition to be released on April 2, 2014 and I happily flaunt the badge that the WE admins personalized for me.

Come April and you can read me on WE! Continue reading

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The “Appside” of Tablets for Kids

In February 2013, I purchased a Kindle Reader, with the intent of resurrecting the voracious reader in me. What started as a renewed love affair with books was soon met with a roadblock causing a slump in my reading curve. … Continue reading

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The Malady of the Sequel

As a reader, the other complaint I have with preplanned/precommissioned sequels is that the writer usually leaves certain strings untied in the first book. It may work well if there is an immediate sequel to pick up from the bookshelves but if a wait for the sequel is involved, a reader like me is left with a feeling of being cheated, of being dissatisfied. And in the zip-zap-zoom world of modern publishing (and especially free e-publishing) you need a true fan to remain clinging to the cliff, where you leave the reader hanging, in anticipation of a sequel. Waiting, patience (and cliff-hanging) is hardly a virtue of modern men and women.

The latest entrant into the grand (and sometimes bland) world of prequels and sequels is our very own Bollywood. In fact, along with remakes this is the other malady that is hurting this multi-crores industry. Financial gains and banking on the popularity of existing characters and themes is the foundation stone of this latest trend in Bollywood, but this foundation is not without fault lines. We are yet to come across a sequel/prequel/remake in Bollywood that has done better than the original. Initially, the audiences were drawn by novelty but now they have become wary. Bollywood money-mongers need a new “hit-formula.” And so does Indian television which is aping the “Seaons” concept of the West, since quite some time. At least when it comes to television, the medium flowers and flourishes with the blessings of the Great Indian Middle Class and will continue to do so with or without the sequels and prequels! Continue reading

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To have or not to have (five years down the line)

Do you know why families (specially in developing countries) were expected to have more than one child or even a big brood, until a few decades back. Disease, pestilence, war and lowly living conditions resulted in high child mortality. Having many children was a guarantee that at least some children would survive difficult living conditions. Economically backward and illiterate societies still follow the twisted maths that many children means many helping hands. People forget to count the many feeding mouths! Human mortality has improved greatly and the dynamics of bringing up children has drastically changed in the modern, educated society. Continue reading

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Silence. The air heavy with the burden of thought and the load of anticipation! Mansi waited. Her concentration and confidence wavered. She was unable to permeate the veil that held back Prabhat’s decision. Continue reading

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Distant Love

“What is the worst emotion that a man can be forced to live with?” Parthav quipped. “Fear.” Asmita handed him a cup of warm Bournvita milk. “Fear, yes! Many people are engulfed and throttled by fear.” He said, taking the … Continue reading

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Facebook Stole My Blog

Such important matters have only as much life as your “now” timelines, which of course is here in the morning, gone in the evening, thanks to our addictive, impulsive postings on our Facebook pages. Whats important to us today, is just a few lines of thought that are lost in the maze of a timeline. Thoughts, ideas, opinions need to be nurtured, analyzed, and referred to again and again to gain strength, to make a great story, to ultimately power change and revolution. On Facebook, these are as transient as our media debating a “Just In” story. A blog can continue to be the gathering point of like-minded people following a blogger because they may (or even may not) relate to a similar vision. Continue reading

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Control Freak

control freak Continue reading

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The Last Song

He would ignore her calls and did not come to their makeshift office in the basement of her house. The biggest surprise came when the bills started pouring in from the recording studio, for Ipsita was under the impression that Kanishk had paid the studio upfront. She was getting jittery, and though she was ashamed to admit, she was getting lovesick, missing the attention and the love that he showered on her. Unable to restrain herself, she took a cab and headed to Kanishk’s studio apartment. Continue reading

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