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Being me is a category that talks about “Me” – when I am musing on life’s mysteries that haunt my personal space and give unique colors to my life’s palette. Its me, not necessarily, at my best, but definitely deep in contemplation.

The Window Seat – A Reader’s Viewpoint

Out of the haunting stories in this collection, the story of Kashmir emerged a sad potpourri of messed up lives and aspirations. The people are squashed between militancy and the presence of Indian troops. Most want a wall built on the border; the troops to be withdrawn and if possible an independent existence wherein they have a trade agreement/partnership with India. If you ask the people of Kashmir, they will give practical solutions to their problems but would the politicians of the world listen! Continue reading

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Ganga Enamors Shiva

Shiva is a tapasvi; he has controlled his senses and the heat within, the tapas is preserved to aid his tapasya. Ganga’s caress is cooling; her presence in his locks dissipates the heat, in a way aiding Parvathi’s role of ensuring that Shiva fulfills his temporal responsibilities. Ganga is an embodiment of intense captivating fervor, of a flowing, relentless force. Shiva’s association with Ganga has been visualized by poets and artists, as spirited and clandestine. Ganga’s vehicle, the crocodile, is often associated with desire. Continue reading

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Wanted – Storytellers!

Amidst all the shifting trends, I am wondering about the whereabouts of the serious reader and the serious literary writer. I ponder whether books with expletives and references to casual sex get publishers and readers just like quarrels and misgivings on a reality-show garner the maximum TRPs. I am concerned whether good linguistic appeal is not significant anymore and mere ramblings can be converted into coveted best-sellers. But most importantly, I am worried that are these kinds of books that the youth will get habitual of reading! Is the easy availability and general popularity of these books, pushing intellectual readers into the background and creating a barrier between readers of varied genre? Continue reading

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The Slumber of Urmila

However, if Urmila’s desire to stay back in the palace was genuine and if she did not want to embrace the tribulations of an exile, how would we judge her? Is this the real reason why ancient writings have been wary of telling her tale because there is nothing heroic about it? While an Epic is written on the great adventures of a man separated from and searching for his wife in the forests and across the seas, the tale of Urmila’s sacrifice and suffering is relegating into nothingness. Continue reading

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Sentiments for an Ageless Sita

Whether, Ram has qualms about Sita’s chastity, or demands the trial as a punishment for her doubting Lakhsman’s intentions when he was guarding her, or whether Sita agrees to walk the fire on her own, this occurrence makes the woman responsible for proving her worth and her truth. This trial by fire is the truth in the lives of many women in our country, which prides itself on the concepts of chastity and virginity for women but cannot stop its men from committing violent emotional and physical crimes against women. Continue reading

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A Dystopian Motherhood

Playing on the theme of gender equality at work but blaming the bioligical years as the factor for the weak female workforce in the corporate jungle, Silicon Valley firms are coming up with schemes to “buy” the fertile period of a woman’s life and invest these years in corporate growth. So, you can freeze your eggs at the prime of your life, then find a sperm donor, in case you could not find a partner in the rush hours of your spiralling career, and also get a fertility treatment if your hormones have gone haywire with all those late nights and stressful work conditions. Continue reading

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Lets Zhong It!

I recently discovered the power of Zhong. It is a story-telling style that encourages you to paint a complete picture, that is tell a story in only six words – not less, not more. A writing challenge always excites me and I posted a coumple of Zhongs on my Facebook profile. Continue reading

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Life Lessons From the Decade

With my share of heartbreaks, frustration and fury at the ways of the world, success and achievements, I have come to survive and make my life what it is today through a set of principles. It is nothing unique, nothing too complicated but something so simple that you could actually forget that it exists and has the power to bring you in control of your life. Continue reading

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Mussorie Musings – August 2014

An assortment of random thoughts from my sojourn at Mussorie. Continue reading

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War is Always Wayward

Revenge is potent. One war will continue to lead to another because those who have suffered during one era of destruction and inhumanity, will sow the seeds of hatred and violence in the next generation. For every child orphan, every soldier mutilated, every family separated and every woman widowed, the wounds continue to fester and contaminate the fabric of civil society. Continue reading

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