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Being me is a category that talks about “Me” – when I am musing on life’s mysteries that haunt my personal space and give unique colors to my life’s palette. Its me, not necessarily, at my best, but definitely deep in contemplation.

Vanity Publishing and the Step-Treatment of Proofing

Over the years I have written quite a few reviews and essays on books and on Indian writing in English. Through my blog, I have been approached by independent (Indie) authors and relatively new publishing houses to review books, freshly … Continue reading

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When Words Fail

Twines that held together
Ripped, shredded, asunder
Pick up the strands
Weave them into shrouds Continue reading

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The Lost (and Found) Writer …

Interestingly, I had written about how Facebook stole my blog and kept me away from personal writing and my blog. I still agree with it but I think moving on to Twitter is going to bring me back full circle to a world of writing. Such are the strange ways of social media and the various tools it employs. Continue reading

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Abhivyakti – Tell me a story …

I write, and I edit, and I know that wonderful stories remain untold, unknown, unsought. Not because they are not worthy of being told, but because no one had the time and resources to listen to these stories, and to put them in just the right and format, so that the world could read them. Continue reading

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The Travelers’ Narrative on India

Writers are riding high on the waves of travel writings, bringing in great experiences to the doorsteps of book lovers and armchair travelers, alike. Travel photography and travel blogs are a flourishing domain. This is a great time to be either in the business of travel or to be enjoying the luxury of travel – you either get to write a book at the end of it or get the perfect travel book to read, whatever your destination. From here, it is only Onwards Ahoy! Continue reading

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The Second Mate

However, I am sure that there are second mates who have been able to find solace in the company of their spouse and have not given much thought of whether they are the first love of their spouse. It would be nice to hear such tales of blissful harmony where soulmates unite on getting a second chance. Continue reading

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The Window Seat – A Reader’s Viewpoint

Out of the haunting stories in this collection, the story of Kashmir emerged a sad potpourri of messed up lives and aspirations. The people are squashed between militancy and the presence of Indian troops. Most want a wall built on the border; the troops to be withdrawn and if possible an independent existence wherein they have a trade agreement/partnership with India. If you ask the people of Kashmir, they will give practical solutions to their problems but would the politicians of the world listen! Continue reading

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Ganga Enamors Shiva

Shiva is a tapasvi; he has controlled his senses and the heat within, the tapas is preserved to aid his tapasya. Ganga’s caress is cooling; her presence in his locks dissipates the heat, in a way aiding Parvathi’s role of ensuring that Shiva fulfills his temporal responsibilities. Ganga is an embodiment of intense captivating fervor, of a flowing, relentless force. Shiva’s association with Ganga has been visualized by poets and artists, as spirited and clandestine. Ganga’s vehicle, the crocodile, is often associated with desire. Continue reading

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Wanted – Storytellers!

Amidst all the shifting trends, I am wondering about the whereabouts of the serious reader and the serious literary writer. I ponder whether books with expletives and references to casual sex get publishers and readers just like quarrels and misgivings on a reality-show garner the maximum TRPs. I am concerned whether good linguistic appeal is not significant anymore and mere ramblings can be converted into coveted best-sellers. But most importantly, I am worried that are these kinds of books that the youth will get habitual of reading! Is the easy availability and general popularity of these books, pushing intellectual readers into the background and creating a barrier between readers of varied genre? Continue reading

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The Slumber of Urmila

However, if Urmila’s desire to stay back in the palace was genuine and if she did not want to embrace the tribulations of an exile, how would we judge her? Is this the real reason why ancient writings have been wary of telling her tale because there is nothing heroic about it? While an Epic is written on the great adventures of a man separated from and searching for his wife in the forests and across the seas, the tale of Urmila’s sacrifice and suffering is relegating into nothingness. Continue reading

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