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Striking a balance in life-work, self-family, self-spouse, my family-extended family, work-family and any other combos that pose challenges to the GIRL-WOMAN.

Striking the Work-from-Home-and-Life Balance

Work from home have become a boon for many professionals, specially in our non-localized work environment. It helps organizations to retain important skills and significant talent. But your work from home status as well as regular professional status depends on how true you are to the job, how you remain updated with the industry and how your talent benefits your organization. Make your work from home worthwhile for all stakeholders, including yourself! Continue reading

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To have or not to have (five years down the line)

Do you know why families (specially in developing countries) were expected to have more than one child or even a big brood, until a few decades back. Disease, pestilence, war and lowly living conditions resulted in high child mortality. Having many children was a guarantee that at least some children would survive difficult living conditions. Economically backward and illiterate societies still follow the twisted maths that many children means many helping hands. People forget to count the many feeding mouths! Human mortality has improved greatly and the dynamics of bringing up children has drastically changed in the modern, educated society. Continue reading

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Random Notes on the Role of the Modern Woman

A confusing scenario; a messy state of affairs – women are supposed to be well-bred, educated and enlightened but at the same time their individual choices and career preferences have to be compromised in the face of pushy social norms. While men have always required women to work side-by-side with them – be it in farmlands, or orchards, or managing entire households and the finances while the men were at war or away on voyage – it is the modern trend of equal financial contributors that has added to the role of the women. In most families today, the burden of loans, lifestyle and spiraling expenses is forcing reliance on double-income and when this trend started more than a decade back, there emerged the concept of DINK – Double Income No Kids. But as women developed work-family life balance, social and familial demands on compliance to traditional child bearing and rearing roles were reasserted. Continue reading

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In doldrums – Between Guilt and Fear

The moment I decide to comply, the boulder of guilt lifts from my heart. I should feel happy and light because I am finally made peace and decided to comply as expected. But I am not happy; I am all the more forlorn, and there is another pressing weight on my heart. The dark clouds of fear engulf me and suffocate me. Continue reading

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To have or not to have!

In an age of DINKs – Double Income No Kids, I am faced with the pertinent question – To have or not to have – kids (or a kid, to be precise). Seven months down blissful matrimony, a belated honeymoon, … Continue reading

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Multiple Personality Disorder

For an Indian woman, the pressure is emotional as well as social. While she wants to give the best to her husband, by maintaining an orderly house, a daily schedule and hot breakfast and meals served with love, any desire to go lax and easy is ruthlessly subdued by family expectations that you take the best care of your husband. So, if a hot, savory breakfast was the mother’s responsibility (and love) towards her son, the duty immediately falls on the shoulder of the “bahu” to ensure that the son is sent to work with a fully appeased stomach! Continue reading

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Double(d) Income

“Congratulations! I heard your income got doubled.” A friend enthusiastically shook my hand. I gave him a wry look. I thought he was rubbing salt on my fresh wounds; the abrasion caused by my less than 5% annual pay hike!   The … Continue reading

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Once upon a time …

This is a story of evasion – the way I try to evade the new beginnings of each day and the way each beginning eludes its own end. It may have been the story of life, alas, only if it had an end! It is then actually a story of quest – the quest for a conclusion. Continue reading

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Reading between the lines vs. Reading only the line!

A plain, simple, innocent, and not-intended-to-either-offend-or-appease Statement! Continue reading

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Options Galore

It was July and the night was stormy. I had been immensely delayed in office and by the time I could wind up my work, it was nearly 10:30 PM. I did not want to wait for the office cab, … Continue reading

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