Facebook Stole My Blog

Every two years, I pay to renew the hosting domain of my blog. Before 2013, it did not require much thought; the renewal was important and urgent. At the start of the year, I had my doubts. I did not want to renew, after all I was not using my blog space, at all. Hubby encouraged the renewal and I got it done.

Half the year has gone by, my blog has been ignored. Why? Am I thinking less, reading less, writing less? No, I am quite prolific with my thoughts and opinion and reading quite a few new authors. And I am also writing more frequently, if not too many words. Then where are the words? Why are they not on my blog? Because some one stole my words and made them its own.

The culprit – Facebook. This addictive little application with a gigantic grip on our daily lives has slowly made us drift away from our personal spaces. With its glossy, colorful images, one-click connectivity with a host of friends, postings allowing more text characters and embellishments and the instant gratification of likes and more likes, and funny comments, Facebook has become the new sibling who stole the mother’s affection and attention from the older one. And to top it all, its no-maintenance!

So, its not that I do not have much to say, or I am not saying it, but I am using Facebook’s “fast-track” forum to thrust my opinion on other people’s faces. Instead of spending time on writing a book review, I am being unjust to many writers by merely posting a link, and rating, or a like it/read it recommendation on my Facebook page. It may do the relevant marketing trick for the author but then is that all that author’s want – marketing and money? No, all writers/editors want feedback because that is the biggest reward of being read and reviewed, prolifically.

Similarly, I still have opinion and ideas on the social aspects of life but I have made Facebook my channel of expression. Its easier and better to elicit support and/or more opinion on a social media platform but it is disrespectful to the actual idea, because one ends up giving it just a flitting thought and significance. Ideas that can be tossed and turned around, opinions that can matter and materialize, need to be crystallized in detail, and documented chronologically.

Such important matters have only as much life as your “now” timelines, which of course is here in the morning, gone in the evening, thanks to our addictive, impulsive postings on our Facebook pages. Whats important to us today, is just a few lines of thought that are lost in the maze of a timeline. Thoughts, ideas, opinions need to be nurtured, analyzed, and referred to again and again to gain strength, to make a great story, to ultimately power change and revolution. On Facebook, these are as transient as our media debating a “Just In” story. A blog can continue to be the gathering point of like-minded people following a blogger because they may (or even may not) relate to a similar vision.

My blog is, thus, supposed to be more important to me than my social persona on Facebook. I have to reclaim my blog and my writing time from Facebook. Maybe I will start today! And probably, by the end of a year and a half, I will be more convinced to renew my blog’s web domain.

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3 Responses to Facebook Stole My Blog

  1. amit says:

    Half the year has gone by, my blog has been ignored.

    And thats after I spent a good amount of my time migrating it to the new setup which is faster & more stable & reliable than previous stack! :|

    And to top it all, its no-maintenance!

    How much time you need to spend in your blog maintenance? Its a no maintenance thing as well. Once a year a new update of WordPress comes out & its a one click update. :)

    I have to reclaim my blog and my writing time from Facebook. Maybe I will start today!

    hear hear :)

  2. Sanjukta says:

    Exactly what happened to my blog. Facebook is slowly eating us up

  3. FB is apparently coming up with a featutre that you can use to put FB posts on your blog.

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