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Coffee-Cinnamon-Vanilla Cake

I ensured that the eggs and milk were at room temperature. Instead of a hand-blender, I use the juicer can of my mixer to whisk together the ingredients. It was less messy and a time-saver, while also giving the required creamy texture to the cake batter. Another oft repeated baking tip that I kept in mind, was to first whisk the wet ingredients, and add the flour after the creamy mixture was ready. Pre-heating the oven is another important tip to remember. Continue reading

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The Sweet and the Savory

I now saw half a broccoli, one capsicum and three beetroots on the verge of losing their freshness. Having washed and set them aside, I logged onto the internet to gather some ideas on what I can do with these and came up with two exciting recipes on I selected Grilled Broccoli and Beetroot Halwa for my experiments. Though I replicated the recipes with ease, I had to tweak some of the measurements in the Halwa and instead of grilling; I baked the Broccoli and also noted the exact baking time. So, here are exclusive pictures of my culinary adventures and the tweaked recipes. Continue reading

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Winged Memories

In spite of getting used to having domestic pigeons as our regular visitors, my first love was reserved for the house sparrows. But this December, when I went to my hometown, the sparrows were conspicuous by their absence. The house sparrow seemed to have disappeared. Continue reading

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Broccoli-Mushroom Steamed Rice

Alternatively, you can separately prepare steamed rice and then mix the vegetables, or can even use left-over rice. All in all- this dish is ready within 15 minutes. Experimental cooks can put in a variety of vegetables like finely chopped carrot, capsicum, cabbage, peas and can also use Manchurian or oyster sauce. Continue reading

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In the realm of enchantment – Salman Rushdie’s Enchantress of Florence

Infact, more than Qara Koz, who is supposed to be the central theme, or Enchantress, it is the wonderful characterization of Akbar that dominates and drives the story. Akbar, who enchants the reader in this tale with all his human follies, and royal grandeur, is ultimately enchanted by the power of a woman, even if imaginary. Continue reading

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The Sign of our Times

This wall display is a sign of the times, when legal and social bodies are crying foul on the misuse of dowry and harrassment laws by women. For once the hunter may be feeling like the hunted, and some enterprising person even sees this as a commerical opportunity! Continue reading

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Coming of the Age of the Actor

The movie has interesting moments and intelligent dialogues. Some of the scenes and dialogues bring a smile, just because they are so tightly woven into the screenplay, that you would almost miss the impact and intention, if you were not paying attention. For example, Farhan Akhtar’s dialogue – “Theater has kept the actor in me alive.” – beautifully sketches the intricacies of his character … Continue reading

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