11badgeIt is my utmost privelege to inform that one of my short stories, The Muse, which was originally published on this blog was selected by Arti Honrao, the Director of Sai Kiran Publications, Mumbai, to feature in the first edition and also the first part of their venture on Short Stories by Bloggers.

The book, aptly titled “The Eleven”, for the eleven authors who feature in this book, has been released on the 4rth of January, 2009.
For those interesting in reading and particularly in short stories, you can order your copy from the Publisher’s website:

You can also write to me for my author code to avail a discount.
Your feedback and enthusiasm will be encouraging and highly-cherished.

logoExcerpt from the Publisher’s website:

Details of the book:

Title: The Eleven
Short Stories by Bloggers Part – I
Size: 5.92″ x 7.08″ [ 12.5 x 18 cms ]
No. of pages: 134
Exterior: Paperback, Color, Cover painting by Vatsal Chaoji, India.
Interior: Black on plain white paper
ISBN: 978-81-907134-1-2
MRP: 150 INR

Editor’s Note

It has been a pleasure and a privilege to edit eleven very interesting tales, written by talented writers who deserve to see their work in print.
You will enjoy the journey as they take you to various places that exist only in their minds, which they now have skillfully crafted on paper.
Each journey is uniquely different, and will hold your interest from beginning to end.
This is the true intent of the authors, and as I read these stories, they’ve accomplished what they’ve set out to do.

To all that read this book,
I wish an escape from daily reality to a true literary experience.

Gloria J Blier


Review of my story by Anil Sawan – “She uses her magical words to take us through a world of love, admiration, devotion and obsession. The story ends on a strong note of self realization and delivers a very positive message. A good story to start the book with. I give this story 8/10

Review on “At the outset ,the new publishing house Sai-Kiran Publications must be complimented for providing a platform to the bloggers  to give vent to their talents to reach millions thru’ print media.

These bloggers  have amply proved that they have inherent skill to be a successful authors, writers or even litterateurs . However, to confine their creativity to a mere fiction , a mentioned by the publisher /editor will not do justice to their talent. Is not any fiction, imagination based on realities culled out or experienced from our  lives or nature  ?  Difference is the extent, the form of fantasy or drama is attached to such tales. In this book ,each writer appears to have given a pie of what he or she has experienced , seen or received from real  life . They are bubbling talents with “Miles to go  and promises to keep” inscribed on their pen .

Aneesha Myles Shewani  with her “The Muse” proved that she is as adept in creating a classy story or a literary piece, as she may be  creating software as a technical write with élan. She depicted an agony  of separation of a sensitive artist from his lover who was used as the muse in metaphor, culminating into an immortal piece of art. Her words “ Destiny is less cruel than circumstances”. But  is not it that at the end of the day, the destiny always prevails ? “True love is not about fulfillment and it is not about togetherness”. Correct, but then that is  platonic .”

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20 Responses to Self-Promotion

  1. ssrini says:

    Congratulations !!!! well done keep it up

  2. barath says:

    COngrats didi!!! waits to see it in print… Take care!!!!

  3. hitesh says:

    well done dude…..well done. i knew it… 😀

  4. amit says:

    Congrats again! 🙂

    Also if you mention my name as a reference then I can earn some royalty points

    You mean you won’t be getting any royalties unless its you who refer the sale?

  5. snigdha says:

    wow, congratulations. Keep it up. I have always loved what you write. Now you will have a bigger fan following. Soon you will start signing your books (limited editions) and very soon a Pulitzer or something. wow way to go 🙂

  6. Aneesha says:

    Thanks Snigs – and tumhare muh mein ghee-shakar – only if you can digest it 😉

  7. Arti Honrao says:

    @Amit [I hope it is ok if I reply]

    It is not so.
    The authors did get their royalties even before the sales begun 🙂
    When author’s reference code is used they earn additional points…
    those who purchase using author’s code get 10% discount on the MRP of the book 8)


  8. amit says:

    ok, thanks for clarification Arti. 🙂

  9. Arti says:

    Hi Amit,

    It is my responsibility to try and clarify
    any doubts that arise, related to SKP 🙂


  10. rahul says:

    just yesterday got my hand on the book, and what an awesome story you have written, the book couldn’t have a better beginning, congrats once again ..
    Your web host will soon require extra servers as this site is goona be jam packed!!

  11. Aneesha says:

    Hi Rahul

    You are the first reader to have commented and am sure glad that the comment is a positive one 🙂 I do hope other readers also like what they read.

  12. Sameera says:

    Hi Aneesha,just got my copy of the book and read your story.Very well written,keep it up!

    P.S. Lovely pic of you and your husband on the blog profile 🙂

  13. Hi Sameera …. its very encouraging to see a congratulatory note from a fellow blogger. Congrats to you too on getting published. I am yet to read all the stories in The Eleven, but I did visit your blog and loved the feminine pink theme. Thanks for taking time out to “roam” around this blogspace and finding the pics of Manish and me 🙂

  14. pankhuri says:

    great work Aneesha. Very well done

  15. Swapna says:

    hey aneesha….great job congrats..think u reached the first step of ur dream

  16. krystyna says:

    Very well written and beautiful story!

  17. sarita says:

    Your all writeups are great..and i am proud in disclosing the fact that i am the biggest fan of your writing.
    Don’t forget to update me whenver you write something new..
    Good luck and keep up the good work 🙂

  18. Aditya says:

    Hope it’s not to late to say “Congratulations”. Wish you all the best for more such publications! 🙂

  19. vatsal says:

    …ummmm…did you liked the cover …

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