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How long before they grow up?

Sometimes one feels strongly about a subject and comes across a piece that succintly put together one’s own perspective. I came across one such small piece in The Hindu, today. Aptly titled, Exploiting Innocence, the paragraph by Anuj Kumar, states … Continue reading

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A penny for my thoughts on the Slumdog Millionaire

It’s got melodrama, suspense, childhood love that grows into adult passion, big bad brother who traverses between black and grey shades and invariably drives the destiny of his younger brother and beau, complete with the underworld don and gun-wielding goons. Continue reading

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Huxley’s Dystopian Prophetic Vision – Brave New World (as compared with Orwell’s 1984)

While a discrete reader may find more comparisons between the two works, what is more evident is that the books are two extreme ends of a futuristic world. The reality presented in dystopian literature is a backlash against some modern trends and contemporary tendencies in politics. George Orwell portrays the dangers of totalitarian regimes which show no respect for people’s individuality and freedom. Aldous Huxley satirizes consumerism and presents concerns about overuse of scientific research. Continue reading

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Back to Basics

The “schools of thought” expanded and diversified, and we were enmeshed by more ideas and professed more ways of life than we could actually live! Minimalism gave way to lofty ideals and higher ambitions. More and better was demanded and at grandiose scales. The intellectual was churning out ideas for execution, and the social, political, economic, and industrial setup was working overtime to crystallize these ideas. While the human mind was at work, life was improving at a fast pace, but at what cost! Continue reading

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For those interesting in reading and particularly in short stories, you can order your copy from the Publisher’s website: But before that please send me a message to share my author code with you. Continue reading

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Spinach, Pea and Cheese Macaroni in White Sauce

Having added a new microwave to our kitchen appliances on our anniversary, I have been experimenting with cooking using the microwave. One of the latest recipes that came out well was on December 31st and it was Spinach, Pea and Cheese Macaroni in White Sauce. Hubby found that it went delightful well with Red wine because of the softly melted cheese and garlicky flavor. Here’s the recipe for the same Continue reading

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In Search of my Muse

Why I recalled and wanted to talk about this conversation on my blog, is because today I realize that he was very true in his observations regarding creativity and the need to feel strongly about something or someone. Over the years, my own ability to emote and write with passion has also diminished. My best writings were at a time when I enjoyed solitude and had ample time to reflect on my desires, my needs and unfulfilled dreams. Continue reading

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