She too is a working woman

j04140241.jpgShe told me it was cold when she was leaving for her house after cooking dinner at my neighbor’s house. I asked her what time does she normally finish her work everyday. She said 9:30 PM.

“So you cook again when you go home!”

“Not exactly. I only make the chapattis or heat up the vegetable/curry!”

“Do you cook in the evening before you leave to cook dinner at other people’s place?” I was inquisitive but I was actually awed by this multi-tasking woman, who is my housemaid.

“No, no! My husband cooks after he returns from the fish-market in the evening. He makes the vegetables and the rice. I just have to make the chapattis.”

I almost choked on my coffee. It was amazing. Here we had a member from what we call “a lower middle class” society, and they were displaying characteristics of division of labor as is evident in advanced cultures and societies.

“Wow! That’s nice. Not many men like to cook for their families!” I expressed my surprise.

“Arre, when we came to Noida from Calcutta, my husband was without a job and I was doing household chores in the colony. At that time he managed the whole household, cooked all three meals, and cared after the children.” She swiftly moved into the other room as she spoke, with me gaping after her in total disbelief.

Did I hear someone talk about emancipation of and respect for women in our society! We can take a lesson from this couple with an astonishing modern outlook – the local fishmonger and my housemaid.

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