Life is an ocean

Me I attended an official stress management session by Hans Dholakia ( While it was centered on Yoga and Meditation to beat our daily dose of mental and physical stress, what mainly held my interest in the session was Hans’ reflections on Life. He threw light on many significant aspects of life – karma, astral dimensions, the significance of prayer, positive attitude, right eating and right living, but here, I expand on an interesting analogy of Life being an Ocean, which he shared with us.

Life is an ocean. The ocean is restless and full of activity on the surface, but deep down it is silent, sober and virtually unruffled. This is how life is supposed to be. We hustle-bustle and rustle in our lives, our countenance displaying the signs of various emotions, thoughts, everyday issues, worries and most importantly stress. However, our true strength to face the trials and tribulations lies deep within us – in the recess of our heart and our soul – we should remain calm and unruffled.

This is the secret of the “sage” – of living a materialistic life with spiritual manifestations. What we bear in our daily life – physically, mentally and emotionally – may (and will) ruffle our exterior countenance and influence our external interactions with the world around us. But the truly spiritual master of his soul and his inner self will not let these external influences ruffle the calmness of his soul, and disturb the silence of his self.

The ocean bellows and roars on the surface – even a small fish will cause ripples, the moon’s attraction will raise tides, the storm will churn up foam, and the waves will dash vehemently against the rocks. But deep down the ocean is silent, cradling varied living forms, with space and place for all the inhabitants, carrying variety and mystery in its bosom; unmoved, untouched, and unflustered by all the chaos on the surface.

That’s how we should endeavor to live our lives. Our key to peace and the much sought happiness in our worldly existence is to jealously protect the solitude, composure and tranquility within our deepest selves, and let all our thoughts, emotions, experiences cohabit in synchronized existence. With peace within, the daily manifestations of chaos and issues of every day existence will become virtually inexistent. This is what we should strive for – to make our life an ocean.

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  1. prabin says:

    Read it, could not help not leaving a comment.

    Good analogy,though. But among the analogies and similes, lost are actual needs of life to address it individually. Probably the axiom that everybody has a “soul” leads to many poetic generalisations.

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